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Power, Battery, etc

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Power Inverter 300W

DC to AC Power Inverter 300 W

. Power hundreds of AC powered products
. Laptop, Battery charger, CD Player, Digital Camera, Electric shaver and many more

Power Supply Tester

Power Supply Tester

Hindari kerusakan komputer anda dengan Power Supply Tester


Laptop Adaptor 100 Watt AD/DC

. Input 1 : DC 9-15V
. Input 2 : AC 110-240V
. Output : DC 12-24V DC 4A USB 5V


Universal Laptop Adaptor 96 Watt

. Universal laptop adapter 96 w
. CE,RoHS available
. Overload/temperature/voltage protection

Power Adaptor 80 watt

Universal Laptop Adaptor 80 Watt

. Stabilized output
. Power LED monitor
. Adjustable output voltage


Power Adaptor for Mp3/Mp4

. Input voltage: 110 to 240V AC.
. Frequency: 50/60Hz.
. Output voltage: 5V.

Universal Travel Adaptor

Mediatech Universal Travel Adaptor

. Comes with 4 types of chargeable plug
. Easy to carry, easy to use and compact

In Car USB & Triple Socket

In Car USB & Triple Socket

. USB charger output 5V up to 500mA, suitable for cellphone, i Pod, PDA, GPS, etc
. Triple Socket with 12V/24V output
. Included security fuse